Uganda army raids home of presidential candidate

Kampala -------------- The Ugandan army has raided the home of presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi, arresting everyone on site including his private guards, the candidate said on Tuesday.


“The army has arrested all my security guards and everyone they could see around my premises. No reason was given for the arrest. Such acts of impunity are kicks of a dying horse,” Kyagulanyi, better known as Bobi Wine, said in a tweet.


The army arrested all campaign managers of his opposition National Unity Platform and also raided the homes of top party officials in an overnight series of raids.


“General (Yoweri) Museveni should just tell the world what he intends to do in this election that he should arrest my entire campaign team, my assistants and supporters,” Kyagulanyi said.


The army also broke into the home of David Bwanika, a personal assistant to the presidential candidate and arrested him.


Bwanika was driven to an unknown destination after his violent arrest, he added.


Dozens of the opposition party’s supporters have been arrested in the recent past and court martialed over alleged possession of ammunition.


The campaign for this year’s presidential election has been mostly violent with the opposition presidential candidates roundly arrested and repeatedly barred from reaching voters.


Museveni, who has been president since 1986, is seeking to win a sixth presidential election term in 2021.


At least 54 people were shot dead in December when Kyagulanyi was arrested for allegedly breaching the coronavirus disease control protocols.


Armed civilians were accused of shooting dozens of protesters and whipping elderly civilians on the streets of Kampala, the capital.


Earlier, a Ugandan soldier opened fire killing four people days before the Presidential polls.


The soldier opened fire, killing two fellow soldiers, a policeman and a civilian before he was shot dead by colleagues, the military said on Monday.


The incident took place at Ganda, Wakiso district in Central Uganda.


The military said it was carrying out a joint investigation with the police on the circumstances surrounding the incident.


The opposition parties in Uganda blamed the incident on the government’s decision to authorise the armed personnel to shoot to kill.


“We condemn the outrageous act of the lower commander against his subordinates,” the military spokesperson said.


Uganda is preparing to hold a general election on Thursday with Museveni facing the recharged opposition leadership.