Is this Bola Ige scenario that played out again?

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I Have Already Written In Condemnation Of The Coordinated Killings Going On South East, And Especially, The Recent Reported Killing Of Innocent Traditional Rulers In Njaba Local Government Area Of Imo State. Nevertheless, After Reading The Report Of The Imo State Police Command And The Reply Of The IMC Chairman Of Njaba Local Government Area, Hon Emeka Iheanacho, I Have Come To The Conclusion That The Supposed "Unknown Gun Men" Killing People In South East Geopolitical Zone In Nigeria Are Clearly Men Of The Nigeria Police Force And Other Security Agencies.


The Summary Of The Report Of The Police On The Njaba Killing Is That They Were Not Notified Of The Meeting At The Council Headquarter By The IMC Chairman Of Njaba LGA, Hon Emeka Iheanacho. But The Council Chairman, In His Defence And Reply, Countered The Report Of The Police By Revealing Clearly That The Force Was Adequately Notified Of The Meeting. 


According To Him, The Operation "SEARCH AND FLUSH" Of The Police Posted At Njaba Local Government Area Came To The Venue Of The Meeting That Day, On His Invitation, But Suddenly Left The Venue Of The Meeting Less Than One Hour Before The Supposed "Unknown Gun Men" Struck And Killed The Victims. Hon Emeka Iheanacho Further Said He Objected To Their Leaving When The Police Officers Came To Inform Him Of Their Withdrawal, Based On Instruction From Their Boss (Commander), A Development That Triggered Suspicion.


 With The Reply Of The Council IMC Chairman, It Became Obvious The Police Have Been Boxed To The Corner. Shamelessly, The Imo State Police Command Decided To Do "Another" REPORT On The Same Incident. In Its Latest REPORT, The Imo State Police Command In A Release Signed By CSP Micheal Abattam (State PPRO) Shamelessly Attempted To Exonerate The Command From Their Suspicious Action. The Police Accused The IMC Chairman Of Not Informing It Officially And In Writing, While Agreeing That The IMC Chairman Is The Chief Security Officer Of The LGA.


Firstly, The Police Has Not Explained Or Defended The Reason Why Their Personnel Who Were Drafted To Protect The Victims Had To Suddenly Pull Out From The Venue On The Suspicious Order From Their Commander. The Question Is ; Why Was The Order Made, And For What Purpose? Why Did The Police Come, In The First Place, If They Were Not Notified? Who Ordered Them To Leave The Venue Less Than One Hour Before The Programmed Attack. 


Secondly, The IMC Chairman, Emeka Iheanacho, Has Proved Beyond Doubt That He Did His Job As The Chief Security Officer Of The LGA By Inviting The Police, And They Did Report. Is The Police Hierarchy Insisting That They Withdrew Their Men Who Reported To The Venue Of The Meeting Because They Were Not Informed? Is The Duty Of Police No Longer To Protect Lives And Properties Again? The Officers That Came, On Whose Authority Did They Come Initially? And If There Was Indeed Need To Withdraw Them, Why Didn't The So-called Commander Draw The Attention Of The Chairman Before Doing So?


The Police Is Controlled By The Federal Government, And I Dare Say It Is Becoming Clearer That Federal Government Functionaries Have Become Notorious For Spewing Lies And Lame Excuses To Cover Their Incompetence, Negligence Of Duties And Complicity To Crimes. The Njaba Killing Is A Premeditated Crime, Based On Evidences Now Available. The Police Should Stop Insulting The Sensibilities Of The People Of Imo State On This Very Crime.


Few Weeks Ago, A Gallant Police Officer Reportedly Shot Dead An "Unknown Gun Man" In Imo State, Who Later Turned Out To Be An Officer Of The Department Of State Security, DSS. The Matter Was Reportedly Covered Up. The Governor Of Ebonyi State, Engr Dave Umahi, Few Days Ago, Reportedly Cried Out, Accusing Security Agencies Of Operating As "Unknown Gun Men" While Unleashing Terror And Killing Innocent Citizens In His State. Ebonyi State Is In South East. In Anambra State, Indigenes Are Openly Accusing Security Operatives Of Being Responsible For The Various Killing And Violent Crimes Going On There. Anambra State Is In South East.. In Rivers State, Governor Nyesom Wike, Few Years Ago, Accused The Police (Defunct SARS) Of Being Responsible For Killings And Violent Crimes In His State. The Police Is Controlled By The Federal Government.


Everything Is Clearer, That The Federal Government Has Unleashed Security Operatives On South East As "Unknown Gun Men", And Any Crime Committed By These So-called "Unknown Gun Men" Are Blamed On The Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, An Organization Loyal To Our Great Son, Citizen Nnamdi Kanu, Who Was Criminally Abducted By The Same Federal Government In Faraway Country, Kenya. And Today, He Is Facing Frivolous Charge Of TERRORISM AND OTHER USELESS, THOUGHTLESS AND MEANINGLESS CHARGES.


We Can Now Read In Between The Lines On Why The Attorney General Of The Federation And Minister "For Justice", Abubakar Malami Has Shamelessly Accused Citizen Nnamdi Kanu Of Being Responsible For The Killing Of The Traditional Rulers In Njaba LGA. We Can See Why The Same Abubakar Malami Has Accused Citizen Nnamdi Kanu Of Being Responsible For The Murder Of Dr Akunyili.


 Ndigbo Are No Longer Deceived. Our Eyes Have Now Opened, With The Killing Of Innocent Traditional Rulers In Njaba LGA By The Supposed "Unknown Gun Men", Who We Believe Are Federal Government Armed Security Operatives. Until The Federal Government And The Imo State Police Command Come Up With A Convincing Reason Why They Abandoned Our Traditional Rulers To Be Murdered By The So-called "Unknown Gun Men", We Will Continue To Believe That The "Unknown Gun Men" Are Officers Of Nigeria Police Force And Other Security Agencies. 


There Is Therefore The Need To Profile Security Operatives In South East, And To Clearly Identify Among Them Those Who Are Fulani Bandits And BokoHaram Insurgents Masquerading As Security Agents. 

 No More No Less.


I Rest My Pen.

Hon Dr Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha Fcai Mkda (Ekenwohia Ndigbo)