Nwayo: song that gently urges the Igbo society to avoid growing culture of life-on-the-fast-lane debuts


By James Eze

Nwayo, James Eze's debut single in Igbo will be available on all digital music windows on Saturday, July 16 this year. 

Nwayo is a highly experimental but didactic song that gently urges the Igbo society to avoid the growing culture of life-on-the-fast-lane. It slowly grows on the listener, beginning with a gentle invitation to the dance floor and building up to crescendo with an infectious rhythm that nudges the audience to full wakefulness.

Nwayo may have stood itself apart without meaning to. It is probably the first Igbo song to be rendered in rich proverbs, sparkling idioms and stunning witticism. The offering was first conceived as a poem and subsequently set to song.

Stripped to bare bones, Nwayo is a call to arms, a note of warning and a cadenced cry in the tradition of the village griot of old, screaming for caution at the top of his voice, steering the people awake at best and reminding them that no matter how trying the times are, the children of a lion can never eat grass. Nwayo is therefore an agenda-setting song, a breakaway from the norm! 

Beyond that, Nwayo offers a fresh insight into Eze's idea of society, his anxities about his Igbo people and his struggle to retain a firm hold on the language of his birth. Eze is a highly regarded poet, songwriter, speech writer, journalist and PR expert. He was also the former Chief Press Secretary to the former governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano and the CEO of UdalaTree Nigeria Consults. 

The song will drop on  Saturday, July 16 on all platforms.