Press Release: Why Nigeria shouldn't have invited Chinese doctors to treat them of Coronavirus-------- IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu

It is our divine duty in IPOB to open the minds of those whose reasoning is clouded in debilitating ignorance and stupidity, to enable them confront the miserable reality of their day to day existence in Nigeria. 

Why should unreasonable 'Nigerians created by their fellow man, Luggard, expect me to respect or address them like intelligent beings when they allow their insensitive, half- educated, cow loving, Fulani and self hating rulers to invite the same Chinese people that depict and publicly display them as wild beasts. The same Chinese that regularly beat them to death like wild animals as you can see clearly in the videos below. 


My open contempt for how we, black Africans reason has nothing to do with hatred, need to insult or ethnic superiority, but is purely driven by my love for the black race and desire to see each and every one of us fulfill our potential in life that the world may stop seeing or regarding us as animals as the Chinese currently do. It is called tough love. 


Biafrans realised this many years back, that is why we are the most intellectually sophisticated group of people in Africa. We realised long before any other group that how Africans REASON is the basis of their political and economic backwardness in the world. Instead of us to confront our stupidity head-on, we prefer to wallow in self pity and empty soothing words. Thank God for the intellectual depth of IPOB, because we spent years telling ourselves the raw unpalatable truth.


Watch the videos below to see how those you call your elite, leaders, politicians and intellectuals invited the same Chinese that equate and display you like animals in their museums for their children and adult to see. The first video is to prepare Chinese society to regard you as animals, while the second video is the treatment you get for being born an animal. These are the people that Aso Rock brought to inject you with their poison in the name of Coronavirus vaccine and you accepted them. Which means you agree you are animals. Nigeria's Foreign Minister Onyeama was heard defending these same Chinese that debased and spat at you and you all did nothing, he is still the Foreign Minister.


But when I tell you the truth in a manner that is designed to wake you up from your slumber, some of you good for nothing, lying, scamming, fraudulent, photoshopping e-rats take needless offence. Instead of embracing the harsh truth that will set you free, you bow before a fake picture of a hyper-reality mask wearing impostor as your president. You are your own worst enemy. 

Thank God for IPOB!

Thank God for Biafra!!

Nnamdi Kanu