Why I Like Late Gideon Orkar ---------------- Nnamdi Kanu

By Jude Uche Enugu-------IPOB Leader, Nnamdi Kanu has expressed his love for the solution preferred by a former coup plotter, late Gideon Orkar to solve the country's problems. Kanu said that the only way peace would return in the country was for every region to be on their own as advocated by late Orkar. He spoke in a broadcast he made to his members. "Everybody must go back to their region, exactly what Gideon Orkar had in mind in his coup," he said. He said that IPOB does not hate any group or race in Nigeria as, "We care about everybody and we are giving you solution to your problem, which if you like, you take it or leave it." Speaking on extra - judicial killing by security agencies to enforce the the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown, Kanu said that the "Nigerian Armed Forces have killed more civilians in this Corona Virus period than the virus itself." According to him, "We are battling with the combination of hunger and starvation, with the double standard from the Yoruba zoo media, the intimidation, the Fulani lootocracy, Fulani terrorism, the deception, photoshops, repreesiveness, dictatorial tendencies from this regime, all their countless harrassment, the sins of the Fulani janjaweed, the worst of which the ones left in Aso Rock presiding over the lives of 200million people handed over to Chinese Company. "As the lockdown is going on everywhere even in Anambra, they are busy installing 5G network cables that weakened the immune system. People have been asking what is the connection between 5G and Corona virus?. "The correlation is this, 5G weakens the immune system that allows common cold to invade your system like the Corona virus which is a cold virus. "All of you listening to me this night, your lives are worthless before the political leaders in Aso Rock. As long as they are comfortable with their family, they will do anything they like with your lives. This gospel tonight is for everybody not just for Biafrans. "Your future and that of your children had been crushed down the drain by these criminals called political leaders... and your so called governors. "It doesn't matter if they are PDP or APC, they are all the same, they have all failed you and will continue to fail you unless you upgrade your reasoning ...which is needed now. "Those thinking that if Bola Ahmed Tinubu gets to power things will be better for them; letter think twice, Olusegun Obasanjo was there for eight years, did your life get any better?Those in Southern part of Biafra; Goodluck Jonathan was there for six years, what was the outcome? "It must be region by region, the West should organise themselves for it, the MiddleBelt should organise themselves for it, the East is organised already waiting for others to come onboard...," he further said. He also lented that colonial masters made revolution difficult in the country through the amalgamation of three divergent ethnic nationalities so that the people can never come together, adding an Almajiri will never accept revolution because they listen to their politicians and Emirs.