Covid- 19: Hon Pat Asadu's Medical Teams Visit 29,000 Households

Tests 7,000 for Coronavirus

...As 6,800 households benefit from drugs, other palliatives


By Obiechina Emeka

Nsukka---------- The two medical teams sponsored by the member representing Nsukka/ Udenu federal constituency in the House of Representatives in the National Assembly, NASS, Dr Pat Asadu, have visited 29,000 households and tested over 7000 for Coronavirus pandemic infection.

The programme was aimed at screening people with the symptoms, signs, contact, or any other predisposition to Corona Virus exposure and not for definitive testing.

Definitive testing is not done "on an out door basis."

Asadu who spoke to Southeast Post on the progress made by the medical teams said they visited over 21,000 households in Nsukka just as they distributed various protective items including drugs and monies to over 7,200 individuals and / or households. 

According to him, the Nsukka team tested or medically checked over 4,000 persons.

At Igbo-Eze South, the team also,

visited about 8,000 households while about 6,800 persons benefitted from the items shared.

About 3000 persons were medically checked and tested.

His words, "The aim was to let

people know that the disease was around and should be prevented from spreading through awareness creation

"Teach our folks how to avoid Covid- 19 contamination through public health advisories

"Provide basic sanitation support with soaps, sanitizers, face masks, hand gloves depending on the possible exposure through work and household needs as determined by the doctors and the teams.

"Provide funds for the poorer households to get nutritious local foods without the possibility of spreading more viruses through food handling or crowding benefitiaries.