Press Release: We The People Of Nigeria Demand Reform Of The Broken Federal System In The Country



We the people of Nigeria demand reform of the broken federal system in Nigeria and commend the efforts of Nigeria’s governors in their struggle to halt the spread of Covid- 19 in the face of the federal government'sI ignorance, inaction and actual interference that potentially imperils millions of lives.

We the people of Nigeria is an NGO and grassroots movement in Nigeria based upon the principles that the common man has

the capacity and power to change the system for the better, through democratic processes and advocate for a new nation based on the principles of democracy, equity, and social justice for all regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or gender.

We the people of Nigeria commends the efforts of Nigeria’s governors in their handling of the current Covid- 19 pandemic. Illustrative is

His Excellency, Chief Nyesom Wike, the Governor of Rivers State’s

exceptional handling of the coronavirus pandemic otherwise referred to

as Covid- 19. Governor Wike joins other Nigerian Governor’s in being proactive, transparent and determined in ensuring that there is no


exponential spread of the virus in Nigeria. In contrast to the state’s ant-like disciplined preparations and diligence, the Federal

Government has done nothing and emulates the grasshopper in Proverbs 6.

We the people of Nigeria believe that, while it is certainly too early to engage in what could be misinterpreted as a victory lap, continuing to take adequate steps to safeguard the health and general well-being of the people through closures and put in place quarantine mechanisms to control movements through partial or full lockdown.

These are difficult steps that demand disciplined and clear-eyed leadership. In this regard, Nigeria’s governors have emulated not only the ant in Proverbs 6, but the world’s more successful governments in avoidance and stemming of a global Covid-19 disaster. Unlike their international counterparts, Nigeria’s state governments have done this work while being assaulted by a centralized federal government that is seemingly unaware or ignorant of the risks and unconcerned with anything other than immediate greed and centralized power.


Millions of lives are at stake while the grasshoppers in Aso Rock mindlessly cavort about in gleeful ignorance and disdain for the people.


It is a daunting task to singlehandedly protect and defend the people of any state against this Federal Government that believes the state

is no more than a vassal colony where they can come in and take the resources and fruits of the labors without regard to the well-being

or survival of the citizens.  


This Master/slave mentality has been the history of the relationship between the state and the federal, since at least the beginning of Nigeria’s Fourth Republic in 1999.

The Calverton Helicopters matter and the response from the Aviation Minister is instructive of the need for reform. Owing to the drop in oil prices the Minister authorized the movement of oil workers to Port Harcourt in defiance of the Rivers state Governor’s lockdown order or the potential spread of COVID 19 caused by this mindless breach of quarantine. Getting oil revenues from Rivers State was clearly more important to the Federal Government than the health of the people that

live there.

Furthermore, the sacking of the Rivers State Commissioner of Police by Aso Rock appears to continue the Calverton Helicopters saga, demonstrating the extent the centralized powerful masters in Aso Rock will go to

intimidate the state by flexing their federal might and thereby potentially placing millions of lives needlessly at risk.

We, the people of Nigeria therefore renews it’s call for restructuring of Nigeria’s federal system to become truly federal system that allows the states and other institutions the autonomy to function in the best interest of their people and not for a particular region or the central government master.


 The people of Nigeria demand reform of the broken Federal system in Nigeria.



Lloyd F. Ukwu, Esq.

Founder/Executive Director