Igbo Not After Biafra To Dominate Niger Delta Oil - Nnamdi Kanu


By Obiechina Emeka

Enugu------The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has said that the campaign for the proposed republic was not as a result of any ulterior motive or dominating the Niger Delta oil by the Igbo.

Leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, who spoke said that the entire Biafra land was endowed with one type or mineral or the other, pointing out that it was not only in the Niger Delta, hence oil was not the motive for agitation for the Bisfran Repuloc from the contraption called Nigeria.

His words, "There are those who out of ignorance or mischief, or both, constantly and divisively refer to a portion of Biafra land as oil- rich ...

"Some of these people with such warped mentality especially newscasters, commentators, newspaper columnists or opinion writers from Yoruba land, as well as some pipeline guards from the lugubriously named region often claim the yearning for Biafra has something to do with Igbo taking over their oil or "Oyel" as they prefer to call it. 

"What a shame! How ignorant people who share such unfounded opinion could be!

"These propagandists and mischief makers tend to forget that every square inch of Igbo land is full of oil, gas and highly -sought- after precious minerals including rare earth. 

"Igbo land is the only place on the planet where coal, oil, gas and highly - sought- after minerals occur side by side. Name the state in the South East that hasn't got oil. Shell is in Egbema; Agip is in Ohaji; Shell is in Ugwuta and Ukwa. Orient oil is in Agulueri/Umueri; Addax Oil is in Awomama and Izombe. Ohaji has the largest in-use gas field in Africa piped to the coast and shipped to world markets.

"The largest oil field in West Africa is located in Nsukka, yes Nsukka in Enugu state.  

" In Ebonyi, the dreaded Chinese, brought in by Gov. Dave Umahi, are destroying our land by stripping it of valuable mineral resources not found anywhere else in Africa apart from Congo.

"If oil and gas or mineral deposits are the main reasons we are agitating for Biafra, then it would have been more prudent to abandon everybody else and seek a homogeneous Igbo nation. But the fact is that blood is thicker than water.

"All Biafrans are one people and we are leaving Nigeria at the same time. Our greatest natural resource is our God -given ingenuity and intelligence not something located under the ground. 

"The mischief makers bent on sowing seeds of discord among brethren should think of something else because their propaganda can not fly. Not now nor even in the future. 

"The fact remains that Igbo are loving, accommodating, peaceful and enterprising people. They are the reason Nigeria has survived till date. Contrary to unfounded misconceptions in some quarters, Ndigbo are not greedy or domineering but very accommodating and forbearing. "They are easy -going and enterprising people whose successes in life endeavours have rather earned them envy and jealousy instead of the admiration and applause of their neighbours.

"Therefore, the thinking that we are after Biafra so that the Igbo can dominate other ethnic nationalities in the new republic and ultimately claim their oil deposits is uncalled for. 

"Such unnecessary fear and warped opinion should be discarded as they are unfounded and only a propaganda tool of those who want to perpetually pin us down in the British bondage called Nigeria. 

"Igbo have enough crude oil and other mineral deposits to sustain her people as a country but the quest for Biafra is for the freedom and overall interest of all the ethnic nationalities involved."