Ohanaeze Ndigbo hails Col Umar Over His Condemnation Of Buhari's Nepotism, Bad Governance


By Obiechina Emeka

Enugu -------------- Ohanaeze Ndigbo has commended the former military Governor of Kaduna State, Col Abubakar Dangiwa Umar for reminding President Muhammadu Buhari about his parochial and nepotistic style of leadership which was pushing Nigeria to the brink.

Media Adviser to the President General of Ohanaeze, Chief Emeka Attamah, made this known while reacting to Col Imar 's open letter to Buhari, asking him to be president of all Nigerians and not to Muslims and nortjerners alone.

Umar had in his letter to Predident President Sunday, lampooned him over his skewed appointments to his section in the country, asking him to appoint credible Nigerians into top government positions, especially the leadership of the Armed Forces and other security agencies in line with the country's constitution.

However, commenting on the letter, Attamah said, "Ohanaeze Ndigbo agrees entirely with his description of Mr President. "Contrary to his (Buhari's) 'I don't belong to nobody, I belong to everybody,' ... he has behaved in his appointments as if only the north was deserving of all positions in this country. 

"Starting from the service chiefs to board appointments down to directors in the federal ministries, the story is the same...

 "Anybody who knows Col. Abubakar Umar knows he stands for the truth always. He is neither a sycophant nor a parasite and keeps his distance from any government of the day.

"We wonder when the north superseded the west, the east, the south - south and the middle belt in qualified manpower. Never in the history of this country has any leader been brazenly and unabashedly nepotic without recourse to the feelings of other parts of the country. It is unparalleled and only distinct in its parochialism. 

"It will take a long time for the wounds of the present to heal and he is doing his people more harm than good since no group has the monopoly of the leadership of the country. 

"He (Buhari) forgets that no condition is permanent. He can still rescue himself if he can come out of his self-imposed cocoon in the next three years. We wish him luck."

In his letter warning Buhari over his skewed appointments, Umar said the action would ruin Nigeria, if not checked.

According to Umar, the appointment so far made by the President into federal positions, would bring the country into ruins.

In the letter, Umar urged the President to emulate the administration  of the late Prime Minister Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Olusegun Obasanjo (Military Government) and late Alhaji Shehu Shagari in terms of appointments. 

He noted that Buhari refused to appoint former Supreme Court Justice Walter Onnoghen as the Chief Justice of Nigeria despite the fact that he was qualified for the position.

According to him, Nigerians in some quarters were made to believe that Onnoghen was removed because he was a Christain and from the Southern part of the country due to Buhari's nepotistic administration.

He further said that Buhari had one more opportunity to correct the impression that he is skewed in favour of a section of the country and religion to  fill the vacant seat of the President of the Court of Appeal.

"The most senior Judge, Justice Monica Dongban Mensem, a Northern Christian,  who is serving out her second three months term as acting Chief Judge without firm prospects, that she would be confirmed as substantive head.

"She appears eminently qualified for appointment as the substantive Chief Judge of the Court of Appeal as she is also said to be highly recommended by the National Judicial Council.

"If she is not and is bypassed in favor of the next in line who happens to be another northern Muslim, that would be truly odd.

"In which case, even the largest contingent of PR gurus would struggle to rebut the charges that you, Mr. President, is either unwilling or incapable of acting on your pledge to belong to everyone – and to no one.

"I hope you would see your way into pausing and reflecting on the very grave consequences of such failure not just to your legacy but to the future of our great country.

"Mr President; Please belong to all of us. Nigeria has become dangerously polarized and risk sliding into crisis on account of Mr Presidenti's lopsided appointments.

"It comes as no surprise that enthusiasm for the celebration is not shared equally by segments of the public. While your admirers and supporters believe you have performed well, many others believe the five years you have been in office as our President has not met the yearnings, expectations and change promised Nigerians.

"Mr. President, you know me well enough and my position on issues to realize that I can be neither a rabid supporter nor a fanatical opponent of yours. 

"I believe being a responsible citizen is enough reason to wish you well and to work for your success. As we have seen all too clearly these past few years, your success is ours as is your failure. We swim or sink with you!"