Okorocha To Northern Governors: Tackle Poverty, Hunger, Not Almajiri


By Alhamid Ahmed

Kaduna--------- Former Governor of Imo State, Senator Rochas Okorocha has lampooned northern governors over the shoddy manner they dispatched Almajiriai from the area to their various states of origin instead of tackling the ossues headlong. 

Okorocha said that instead of humiliating the almajirai, the governors and rich people among themà should have transformed them by giving them education. 

He spoke in an interview with the Housa Service  of the British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC, monitored in Kaduna Tuesday, adding that 

poverty and hunger were the real problem of almajirai and not the the system itself as being viewed by the regional governors. 

The former governor, therefore, urged the governors to tackle poverty and hunger in the region and not the repatriation of almajirai. 

According to him, many of the governors and other prominent Northern elite today, were once products of the  almajirinci system,  even as all the governors needed to do, was to transform them educationally. 

He gave example with himself saying that his Foundation - The Rochas Foundation built schools in  Kano,Yola,Zaria and Sokoto where Almajirai and other less privileged  children were educated and taken care of, adding that the Almajirai needed to be cared for and invested in.

His words, "These children(almajirai) help, educate them and give them jobs. Who knows, one of them could be a President tomorrow. 

"The governors and other rich Individuals should help transform the Almajirinci system of Islamic education instead of subjecting them to humiliation. Many of our prominent people now were once Almajirai.

"Hunger and poverty are the problem. The governors should look at that and help resolve it. The Almajirai are not the problem. 

"The Almajirinci system had its origin from the migration of Prophet Muhammad(PBH).When he migrated from Mecca some  people followed him in search of knowledge and they were catered for. They were not left hungry. They were fed.

"Some of us have materials that we don't need, give such  things to the Almajirai and help improve their lives. We all have children."