IPOB Leader, Nnamdi. Kanu asks indigenous Nigerians to fight Fulani herdsmen into submission

... Says Fulani children genetically prepared to fight wars as they are trained early to levy war on lazy and unsuspecting indigenous land owners


By Obiechina Emeka

Enugu -------------- Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, has urged the indigenous people of the north to take the bull by the horns by stopping the influx of Fulani herdsmen into their territories.

Kanu  said that the solution to the threat of Fulani attacks on the people of the north or south was for the owners of their lands to confront them, instead of shouting without taking decisive actions.

He spoke in a statement he personally signed in Enugu, Wednesday, saying that if the Hausa leaders were wise in the 1790s, the Fulani with only seven percent of the country's population would not have over - powered them and imposed their emirates on the whole places they conquered.

Kanu  further asked the southerners to be wiser and prepare for war against the Fulani herders as the Fulani start early to train their children to fight wars while their own children were taught in Sunday schools how to pray for those that kill them.

The statement entitled, "Fulani children are ready, armed and deadly but ours are in Sunday schools learning how Jesus taught us to pray for those that kill us," read, "The war mongering mentality of Fulani Janjaweed can never be extinguished by logic nor reason. 

"As an aimless wandering tribe of herders, they are genetically programmed to levy war on lazy unsuspecting indigenous populations that make the mistake of welcoming them. 

"What we are witnessing today from Fulani in Nigeria is a war of conquest of indigenous populations they started in the 1790’s culminating in the fall of Hausa Gobir (now Fulani Sokoto in 1804. They will never stop until everyone is subdued like they did to their Hausa hosts more than 200 years ago.

"Having successfully deceived Hausa peasants into helping them destroy their own kingdoms, they proceeded to replace them with Fulani Emirates. 

"Today the once thriving Hausa culture that epitomised the pinnacle of black civilisation in the sub - Saharan Africa has been reduced to a bunch of street beggars known as Alimajiri while Fulani that were previously their tenants are now their landlords, rulers and sadly killers too. 

"Funny enough that war that saw Fulani swallow Hausa has been slow burning and about to be unleashed on a grand scale across the south. This well calculated move by the Fulani Caliphate will extend their Janjaweed sphere of influence to the Atlantic Ocean as Uthman Dan Fodio had always intended. 

"To survive this raging but largely unreported Fulani onslaught, I will encourage every ethnic nationality in Nigeria, especially those in the north, to confront and halt any Fulani advance through their territory under the guise of Miyetti Allah moving their cattle through our farms in search of pasture and water. 

"Fulani is only seven percent of the Nigerian population, why have we owners of the land, those of us who are indigenous to the land we occupy allow them to dominate, subdue and kill us as they please. Why?"