Apc Caretaker Committee To Begin Reconciliation Process Among Party Members

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Abuja---------- Governor of Kebbi State and Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC- led care taker Committee. Mai Mala Buni has said that it would soon embark on immediate reconciliatory processes among aggrieved members of the party at all levels.
Buni spoke Monday at a swearing in of the committee members at the APC National Secretariat in Abuja, adding that the crisis in the party in the last few months was internal disagreements which were common in all political associations.
“What happened to us as a party in the last few months is not totally strange in a big political party like APC, internal disagreements are common in all political parties, so ours is not an exception.
“It is time for this commitee therefore, to commence the process of true reconciliation among leaders and members of the party at all levels.
“It is our believe that the decision by National Executive Committee (NEC) to constitute this committee will mark the begining of a new chapter in our great party.
“To achieve this, I urge all party members to heed to the appeal by our leader, President Muhammadu Buhari on his call to all aggrieved members who have instituted various cases in the courts to please withdraw such cases in the interst of our great-party,” he said, pointing out that, change was inevitable just as disagreement on issues and concepts were integral part of human and institutional relationship.
“As a political party built on strong ideology and, parading men and women of enduring principle and integrity, we must prepare for real and anticipated changes and their consequences.
“The outcomes of changes that evolve in our party politics must be decided by us.
“As the interim managers and leaders of our party, our priority would be the recognition of the need to act appropriately and acceptably in the overall interest of the party,” he said.
He further noted that the committee’s actions in the next few months would be proactive and responsive.
“From now onward, we will concentrate on medium and long term development of our strategies and internal organisation to support our public standing as well as our chances of electoral successes in all future elections.
“This is the time for us to focus with determination to create adaptive institutional capacity to weather the current divisions in our Party,” Buni said.
He called on the party leaders and members to put their grievances behind them  and strengthen themselves for all current and future challenges.
“We will not be here today repositioning our party if not for the timely intervention of our indefatigable leader, the President and members of the NEC.
“We are totally grateful to the President and the NEC members for this wisdom that brought the impasses to an end,” he added.